Our History

Gilbert Benoit

Benoit Chocolats is a family business. 

After run a bakery-pastry shop for ten years, the parents of the family, precursors in their time, opened a chocolate shop in the heart of Angers in 1975.  The chocolates were made on site by Gilbert Benoit, the father. The three children grew up in this chocolate environment, occasionally helping out in the shop or laboratory. After first being tempted by the world of economics, the younger daughter, Anne-Françoise, returned to the Angers chocolate shop as business manager when she acquired the family business in 1997. Not satisfied to run the commercial and financial side of the parent company, Anne-Françoise Benoit decided to learn the trade and took the helm of the Angers business. In 2009, she urged her older sister, Véronique, to join in the family chocolate-making saga by opening up the first Parisian branch of “Benoit chocolates” in the rue Saint-Antoine in the fourth arrondissement.

Benoit Chocolats, a family of chocolate makers listed among the 100 best chocolate makers in France, has been perpetuating its skilled craftsmanship since 1975. In Angers, Paris or Lille, rediscover the authentic taste of chocolates and macaroons, and sample our new speciality, genuine Caramandes ®